Photo Stubby Cooler


When looking for a novel but practical gift, consider personalising that item with a photo on a stubby cooler. Provide us with the image of your choice in any digital format, and we will print it on the stubby holder. You can order online and upload the photo when you place your order, alternatively if you are in our neighbourhood, pop into our store with the photo or photos on a USB or DVD.

You can customise your order in a few ways:

  • You can order from 1 to 500 stubby coolers; simply select the quantity category and then enter the exact quantity when ordering online.
  • Enter any special requirements such as names or a saying that you would like printed over the photo, the text colour and where you want the wording positioned.
  • Have a single photo, two photos or make a photo collage to wrap around the stubby cooler; just have the image or images prepared as a single file and upload it when ordering online.

Benefits of a Photo on a Stubby Holder

A stubby holder or cooler is a great way to keep your 375ml bottle of beer or can of soda colder for longer in the hot weather. The layer of foam between the holder's outer casing and the bottle can prevent it from cooling down quickly. The principle of insulation comes into play as the foam layer slows the transfer of heat between the air and the bottle or can.

You can customise your order in a few ways:

  • We offer special discounts for large quantity orders, so use these as a marketing tool, add your logo to them and hand them out as corporate gifts to your clients and staff.
  • Preserve and share your precious memories by printing your favourite photo on a stubby cooler.
  • Prevent those unnecessary family arguments over whose drink is whose and print a photo of each family member on a stubby holder. This way, everyone knows which is their drink at a glance.

You can have your own personalised photo stubby holder with an image of a loved one, a special memory, or even a funny one. Have some printed with special memories shared with someone and give them as a gift or print one for you and one for them to make a matching set.