Personalised Photo Mug


Philo Photo Converts Hard Copies to Digital to Create Your Custom Photo Mug Gifts

Let our one-stop-shop print your personalised photo mug. We convert old Super 8 movies, standard 8, and VHS videotape cassettes to USBs, hard drives and DVDs. We scan and translate slides, photos and negatives - among others - to digital technology and print the images onto a range of materials and objects. Get in touch and discover our top-class, in-house services, including custom photo mugs.

Customise Your Order For A Coffee Cup With A Photo

We have made the process easy. Click on photo mugs online, choose which ones you want, and type in any special requirements and how many we should print.

  • Add the items you want to your cart, go to checkout, and add your email address and all the other information we require (including the correct delivery address). Pay with AfterPay or any of the other options we provide.
  • You will receive a confirmation email that contains an order number. Upload your mug photo printing images, insert the order number and the same email address as before, and submit.
  • We recover lost or deleted videos and photos and restore old, faded and damaged photographs via Digital Image Correction so future generations can enjoy them. We switch 4K video from any gadget - a memory card or your camera's hard drive - to Blu-Ray, cassette tapes to MP3, and old reel-to-reel audio and movies to digital.
  • Once recovered, we can print them onto mugs, metal, acrylic, fabric, white belts, purses, pencil cases, clocks, stubby holders, and coasters.
  • We provide the best quality services and take care of your memories because we do not want them to degrade, fade away or disappear either.

Your Custom Photo Mugs And Digital Technology

Large numbers of people prefer to watch movies at home these days. Whereas some may still use their VCR to watch VHS videotapes from the 1980s and 1990s, even more watch DVDs, which hit the market in the late 1990s. Then we started downloading movies or series files on USB or hard drives to play on our computers and TV screens.

  • The digital revolution started in the 1980s and rose substantially, causing the conversion of analogue to digital technologies by 2005. Worldwide use will increase to 67% by 2020.
  • These electronic tools, devices, systems, and resources can produce, process and store data on mobile phones, social media, multimedia, and online learning platforms. Many people stream and binge-watch recorded or live TV shows and movies delivered to their mobile devices, computers, and TVs via the internet nowadays.
  • We store your images, audio and video digitally as numbers or code that a computer can read and control. We save the data inside files in different drive types, such as a hard drive - or online in the cloud - in ways computers can understand.
  • We use a printer to copy your photo directly onto a coated sheet of paper. Then we transfer the picture onto the coffee cup to provide you with a permanent, high-quality, full-colour image, creating a custom-made mug. We edit your photo for free if required.

Feel free to talk to us if you need an explanation or if you have questions. Our Australian-owned and operated company offers fast turnaround, free pick-up and delivery, and exceptional customer service.


The Benefits Of Custom Photo Mugs

You can touch family, friends, clients, and business associates by giving them a custom photo mug with a name, message, picture, or logo. Show gratitude to an employee or customer, or tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them.

  • Create a design with a photo, use your emblem, slogan or other available motifs. Set your creativity free. Draw an original pattern or shape and ask us to put your image together. Your gift will be unique, stand out and be used for many years to come.
  • You may even consider starting a small business and selling customised picture mugs or lines that contain your designs from home. You will save money on storage, equipment and labour if you order from us.
  • Businesses benefit when they use customised mugs to promote their brand. It is an affordable and effective way to get your company name out there. We do it according to your preferences. Call us to help you choose the right products or if you require discount information for a large order. Bulk buys may reduce the cost.

You see custom coffee mugs in offices and homes all over the world. The quotes, depictions, sayings, and layouts may change over time, but they will probably never go out of style.

What You Gain When You Use Philo Photo Sydney To Put Your Photo On Mugs

Apart from custom photo mugs, our services include a range of options. We can put a collage of memorable moments together for you and print it on your chosen item.

  • Order a heart necklace or three-dimensional glass heart shape for yourself or a loved one if you want a one-of-a-kind keepsake or gift.
  • We also make wooden placemats with your unique picture or sketch. Kids may enjoy putting a birthday jigsaw puzzle - consisting of their or the whole family's faces or a favourite cartoon character - together.
  • Discover our event photography packages and price, or make an appointment to have your passport photo taken to meet any country's requirements.
Contact us if you have questions or to place your order for custom photo mugs or anything else.