Personalized Photo Necklace

Crafting Memories: Show Your Love With A Personalised Necklace


Throughout history, women have adorned themselves with necklaces, the most common of these was the locket. Before the invention of the camera, pictures of people were painted on canvas and placed into a locket so that the woman could carry a picture of the person she loved around with her. Carrying a personalised photo necklace is still popular among women and even some men. Rather than using the classic locket, many people have a photo of their child or loved one printed on a silver pendant to wear.

You can now have a photo pendant necklace in various shapes and sizes. The shape you choose should depend on the size and type of photo you have chosen. The classic is the heart-shaped pendant, which is the symbol of true love, however, you can also have your chosen photo printed on an oval-shaped pendant. While the heart shape is suitable for a single-person photo, the oval shape can accommodate a photo with multiple people in it. Consider your photo carefully before you choose which type of pendant you want to wear around your neck.

Why You Should Consider a Personalised Picture Necklace

There are many reasons for you to consider purchasing a personalised picture necklace from Philo Photo. These include:

  • Remembranc: If you have lost a loved one, you may be trying to find the right way to honour their memory. Having a pendant with their photo printed on it and wearing it daily is the perfect way to remember them at a happy time in their life.
  • Make great gifts: While jewellery has always been a favourite when buying a friend or family member a gift, you can make your gift extra special and unique with a picture necklace that they can treasure for years to come.
  • Statement of love: Wearing a personalised photo pendant necklace with a picture of your significant other is the perfect way to show your undying love.

When it comes to having a photo of the most important person in your life printed on a pendant, Philo Photo in Sydney is your go-to store for quality pendants. You can also get photos printed on other items such as mouse pads and mugs.

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With Philo Photo, your memories are more than moments – they're masterpieces. Embrace your story, wear your heart, and let your personalised photo necklace be the thread that weaves your moments into a beautiful narrative.