Personalised Photo Gift

Display Favourite Shared Memories on Personalised Photo Gifts


When looking for unique but special gift ideas, look at our variety of options for personalised photo gifts. We are here to help you keep and share your treasured memories and favourite photos in many different ways. Whether you want something for yourself or a gift for someone else, you are sure to find the perfect item to print your photos on. We will provide you with a special way to display your memories.

Related Services We Provide to Personalised Photo Gifts

We are here to help you preserve your special memories in several ways, from printing a favourite photo on many of our products as gifts to make them more personalised to capturing memories with our event photography packages. Our events photography will capture special memories for christenings, birthday parties, engagements, and wedding anniversaries. We offer four photo packages to choose from:

  • We can take your photo for your passport or visa, meeting the latest requirements for any country. We can produce passport photos for Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, and India, as well as passport photos for children under three years and bus driver and taxi ID photos.
  • Should you accidentally delete your videos or photos from your digital camera or phone, we can recover them from the memory card. To increase the chance of us retrieving the images or videos, we strongly recommend you don’t take any more photos or videos as this lessens the chances of recovering the deleted files.
  • We offer photo printing on high-quality Kodak paper in many sizes.

Benefits of Philo Photo Sydney

We’ll restore, convert, print, and preserve your precious memories. We can convert mounted slides to high-quality JPEG or TIFF formats. With each slide scan, we restore the colour and provide Digital ICE which is a process of removing dust and scratches from the slide before scanning.

  • Video tapes can degrade, and video machines are hard to find these days. Let us convert your video tapes to DVD, Blu-Ray or hard drive.
  • We can scan your negatives to high-resolution JPEG or TIFF format and save them onto a USB, DVD, Blu-Ray, or hard drive for you to be able to view on your computer or TV.
  • We have a wide selection of products to print photos onto, providing you with personalised and unique gifts that will keep memories alive forever. We have various photo frame options in metal, acrylic, and glass. We can print on white and black ceramic coffee mugs and have a special magic mug option where the picture shows when the liquid inside is hot and slowly fades to black as it cools.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Philo Photo Sydney

We provide instant passport photos, conversions of slides, photo negatives, and videos to digital formats saved onto USB, DVD, Blu-Ray, and hard drives. We offer photo recovery, restoration, scanning, and printing. Our range of products for personalised photo gifts is extensive.

Contact us if you any questions about our products or if you need assistant with a large order.