Personalised Mouse Pads

We spend hours in front of our laptops and desktops, whether working or gaming, and with the repetitive movement of your computer’s mouse along on your desk, you’ll find that the area you use will start to become worn. Using personalised mouse pads will assist with preventing damage to your workspace area; it’s cheaper to replace your mouse pad than it is to fix your desk. Mouse pads also protect the underside of your mouse, keeping it clean and preventing it from sticking to your desk.

Your mouse pads no longer need to be the boring store-bought types anymore, you can print a photo on a mouse pad and create something unique to you, your family, and your home. Many photo printing shops offer printing photos on many types of items, and over the years, a personalised photo printed mouse pad has become quite popular.

What You Should Know About Personalised Mouse Pads

Without a mouse pad the amount of dirt your mouse will pick up will ultimately affect the mouse’s accuracy, adding a mouse pad, you will be prolonging its lifespan and saving you from having to purchase a new mouse. By having your mouse pad personalised, you add to the aesthetics of your work or gaming area.

You can customise your order in a few ways:

  • Promotional material. Mouse pads make great promotional items. Whether you are a start-up company or an established real estate agency, promoting your business through a mouse pad will keep your business top of mind.
  • Reliable work areas. It’s important for public places, such as schools and libraries, to ensure they place mouse pads at their computer workstations to allow users to work easily and prevent damage to their equipment.
  • Gifts. Gifting your friends and family members with a personalised mouse pad shows them how well you know them and that you put thought into the present you have chosen for them. The gift will also make them think of you every time they use their computers, knowing they received a unique gift.

Personalise your mouse pad with a photo, quote, or company logo at Philo Photo in Sydney and enjoy owning a unique item.

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