High Quality scan from slide film with music background slide show.

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Film Scanning

Protect your precious tapes

Images tend to fade over time, converting them to a digital format means they will last you a lifetime.

All films are cleaned with dry compressed air before scanning. Philo Photo can digitize your film to a CD or DVD containing high resolution scans of your negatives. Our goal is to give you top quality with a fast turnaround at the best value.

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glass negative
imagesCAIAN572 copy

Available Formats

We can transfer the following slides

35mm Negatives

to DVD or CD

110, 126, 127mm Slides

to DVD or CD

120/220mm Medium Negatives

to DVD or CD

4x5 inch Large Negatives

to DVD or CD

Why Digitise Your Films?

Here are just a few reasons

Colour Correction

All films that are scanned receive free basic colour correction.

Digital ICE

All scans receive Digital Image Correction and Enhancement for free

Cropping & Rotation

Receive free image rotation and image cropping with your order.

Size of scans

Films are scanned at a high resolution Jpeg files or Tiff files. Each image scanned in JPEG will range from 2MB - 5MB, and each image scanned in TIFF will range from 20MB to 40MB each,they are scanned at 4ooodpi.

How to Order

It only takes 3 easy & simple steps.

1. Purchase

Complete the purchase on our website for your required products/services. Contact us if your have any questions.

2. Sort & Compile

Sort and compile your slides, photos, video tapes or negatives in the order you would like them scanned.

3. Collect & Deliver

We will contact you to confirm your order and organise a time to pick up your items. Leave the rest to us.

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