Video to DVD Slides to Negatives Packaging Your order

Video to DVD

Will I get my original tapes back?

Yes, we will use your original tapes for capturing your movies then we will return them to you with your DVD’s.

Can you cut of any unwanted footage from my tapes?

For sure, if you show us where abouts to cut off its not problem.

I have a full HD with built in memory on my camera, how can I clear the files from my camera?

Before you clear it, we can convert your full HD files into Blu-ray and then we can clear it for you to use again.

Do you convert old super 8 movies to DVD?

Yes, we can either convert them with sound or without depending on the movie type.

Can you convert video from dvcam or sx beta?

yes we do with your choice on DVD ,Blu Ray,or in to your hard drive we don`t provide hard drive.

can you convert my video tape to 4k format?

yes we can convert your tape to any digital format like full HD,4k but it has to be on hard drive because it will be very big file and it is good if you would like to do your own editing.

Slides to Negatives

I have shoe boxes full of slides can you transfer them to DVD, do you give special price?

We can convert all slides to DVD at Full High Resolution which enables you to either print up to A3 size photos, or to watch on your TV. Yes we give you a very good price for big quantities.

What type of slide formats do you convert to DVD?

We can convert from 35mm, 110mm, 127mm, 4x5inch.

Do you restore colours on my slides?

Yes, we can restore colours to look fresh, and we can remove all dust particles as well.

Packaging Your order

How do I package my order to you?

Simply follow these easy steps: Sort and compile your order (video’s, slides, photos) in the sequence you would like them scanned. Pack everything in a sturdy cardboard box. Give us a phone call to let us know when you will be available so we can organize a courier to pick up either from home or office. Clearly label the box to Philo Photo include our address. Also clearly state return address as well.

What method of payment can I use?

You can pay through PayPal using your credit card or direct account deposit.